Behind the Scenes

Welcome to My Happy Place!

My name is Sarah E Waring, and I am the owner of Dream With Colour. I am a colour therapist, and writer. You can read more about my writing here.

In 2013, my career path changed as a result of being made redundant. I had previously worked developing charities and social enterprises for 15 plus years.  After pondering on many ideas and my future career, I decided I wanted to get more creative!

Since 2013 I have researched, studied and worked my derriere off to get to my extremely happy place where I have my own collection of products and a book shop that sells my very own collection of self-published works.

I am the type of person that could get enthusiastic over a crumb on the floor, so be assured that anything I create or deliver will come armed with a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion.


The things I get passionate about in particular are writing, colour, social entrepreneurship and travelling.  I am also studying for my second degree (yes, a bit bonkers) in creative writing and philosophy. The first was Community Studies.

My favourite colours are green, brown and red. ( I will let you work out what that means....)

Last, but not least, I am massively into animal welfare, nature and plant-based lifestyles.

So there you have it...I have literally created my dream job here at 'Dream With Colour'


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