Aubrey Fox is a pseudonym for a British creative writing and philosophy student in Mid-England. Aubrey was created to provide relative supernatural stories based on the author's background in the psychic industries. Alongside this, the author used her experience as a graduate in community studies to really enhance the characters in her stories. Working with hundreds of people over the years to develop themselves, or their communities gives a wide insight into how societies and different individuals behave.

The author's fascination with the supernatural is closely linked with the ideology of a fable. Each story has its own moral purpose. Fictional stories are created to enable the reader to think about matters of our society and, of course, matters of the heart. She WANTS the reader to go away feeling like they have learned something about themselves and taken away a part of that story forever.

Most importantly, the author uses her own research methods and draws upon her own experience to get the best out of a story. To really engage with the piece of work at hand, she will try to imagine the experience by using all her five (or maybe six. . . ) senses and generally just shut herself down to concentrate solely on the task at hand.

Her projects:

The Penny Drop Pentalogy (The Empress returns is the first to be published)
The Penny Drop Collection of Short Stories (Tick Tock, They Always Come Back, The Handsome Face, Perms & Taboo)
Heaven is a Colour (Blue, Grim is the New Grey)


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