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Most of us turn to black in times of solace and self-preservation, so it’s no surprise that it is used for mourning and various religious wear. It screams, ‘Don’t expect much from me, my emotions and thoughts are hidden.’


People who are drawn to black want you to know they are preparing for what is coming and they don’t want you to know what they are planning or thinking.


They may be pessimistic or just closed, suspicious or over-cautious, and they may find it hard to build relationships. You have to build their trust!


If you are drawn to black, you may be good as a detective, a mystery shopper, or in security, anywhere that involves you keeping your cool ...and your guard!


P.s I know black is not technically a colour, but I use it in colour coaching as it absorbs all colour, therefore can be used to enhance different shades of colour


Here are 10 Therapeutic Benefits to Black


1) It deflects colour, so if you need something a little more direct, then you can balance out with black

2) It's great for any occasion when you want to remain impartial, mysterious or seen as a closed book.

3) It is good for protection as it doesn't let any other colour in ... or any emotion for that matter.

4) It is a good foundation colour for anything mysterious. So, magic, the occult, supernatural ...

5) It offers stability as it does not offer any movement.

6) Offers good authority as cannot be swayed ... It is a very strong and stubborn colour!

7) It creates independence and strength of character.

8) Great if you need to retreat for a short time

9) A great colour for anyone who works in a covert way! Spies, or mystery shoppers!

10) Can offer a boost for any kind of rebellion. Independent, certain and not backing down!


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