Orange is my Guru!



If Orange isn't your favourite colour and it's a bit much, there is a reason why. It is MEANT to be. YES - IN YOUR FACE!


It is a bit much because it is in abundance! Orange is the most abundant colour. It's bold, it's bright, it's in your face and it is full of life. You can use orange to grow your spirituality or faith, manifest the things you want in life, create friendships and to grow your knowledge. It's one of my favourite colours when I'm looking for a kick up the butt, some meaning or generally just some excitement. It is forward-thinking, moving colour.


Not only that, but it is also highly spiritual - even the Buddhist monks where it! Why? Because it focuses on the higher things in - happiness, abundance and it is open to trust, fun and all the stuff you cannot buy!


If you want to develop your inner self, your knowledge, your faith or your friendships circles, then choose orange to be your Guru!


Here are 10 therapeutic benefits to orange:


1 It encourages the free spirit

2 It's great for study

3 Orange focuses on the deeper meanings of our needs

4 It encourages movement and stimulation

5 Great for team building

6 It aids digestion and fights off bacteria

7 In increases willpower

8 It aids prosperity (Without greed)

9 It brings out creativity

10 Great for the performer


Remember though that it can be a bit much, so use wisely or you may become an annoying, upbeat, know it all!


(I love orange...go figure haha!)



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