'We believe every colour has an energy and we need every colour to have balance, so our business philosophy is that Dream With Colour will endeavour to include every  colour. Our business sells products, but we work with associate businesses to create our colour dreams.​'

7 Colours, 7 Aims, 7 Businesses

Red: We aim to promote a balanced an colourful world with our wonderful products and there is no better colour to use in sales than red. Show stopping and dynamic we are set to be make a colourful impact! Dream with Colour

Orange: We aim to create both spiritual and philosophical services through our blog sight, ultimately bohemian and increase our social entrepreneurship in animal welfare and nature. We also deliver colour coaching sessions with our business succeed with colour. What better colour to work with than the most optimist, spiritual and philanthropic colour of orange?

Yellow: Whats a business without a bit of fun? We have a few cheeky blogs and a couple of romantic comedies by Lucy Shakespeare to keep our humour in check. Fun loving yellow will appreciate this!

Green: Like Green, we long for hopeful adventures...full of peace, culture and nature. We like to travel and host a range of travel reviews on our sister site- Great British Travels (Opening soon) We aim to create memoirs and travel updates for your perusal.

Blue: Fun, Facts and ....Fox? We have a travelling fox who likes to go on adventures and give us 10 foxy facts each time. This keeps our fact finding and intelligent 'blue' happy with the aid of our  Tommy Fox 

Indigo: Psychic, the unknown and that sixth sense. Indigo loves a bit of supernatural foresight so Christie's Tarot Coaching service will meet the needs of our dear Indigo.

Violet: The most mysterious and curious colour. What else to do but gift some supernatural and mystery writing here with the works of Aubrey Fox

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