• Sarah E Waring

Grey is nothing to me...

It’s true! Grey gives nothing away. It’s a silent colour...

Ok, let me explain.

Have you ever felt like your life is on hold or there is a period of stillness? No feeling, emotion ... nothing?

Well, this is what grey feels like.

Now I understand there is a thought behind ‘fifty shades of grey’ but trust me, there wouldn’t be much slap and tickle with this colour. Just a luke warm milk, and a very boring book.

Although this may sound a very negative or uninspiring shade, it can have some positive attributes. It’s good to build in foundations for other colours. It can act as a good neutraliser as you can expect nothing from this colour.

They say if something is a shade of grey, there’s more to it. That’s right.

Grey doesn’t give anything away, so you would have to dig deep to uncover a truth. I love grey with pastels, for a nice still mind.

Great in bathrooms. But don’t put it in your hallway, not very welcoming!

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