Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

This is a colourful journal to create and record a pattern of universal gratitude.


This gratitude journal is an exercise book designed to really delve into perfecting the art of gratitude for the purposes of universal attraction laws. Most of us believe were are grateful human beings who act generously and humbly to acts of kindness which I believe to be true, but sometimes a 'reaction' to generosity and kindness a knee jerk gesture. Saying thanks, buying a gift and compliments are great ways to show appreciation, but does this fit the universal vibration of gratitude if it lost in a gesture without a lingering thought? That doesn't mean to say it is ingenuine, it simply implies that the thought behind it is not as prominent as the gesture.


This book is designed using a model called the 'aline' method and encourages the reader to go deeper into why they are grateful, how they can visualise that gratitude, and how they can attract more generosity and gratitude into the universe.


Thinking and absorbing the feeling of gratitude is a must to really raise the vibration of universal gratitude which is a key ingredient of spiritual success.


I hope you enjoy this journal and I am truly (I promise I am...) grateful for the time you have taken to buy my book and perfect the art of gratitude.


Lots of love and gratutide 






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