Heaven is a colour- Volume one

Heaven is a colour- Volume one

*This is a pocket book*This collection of three short stories delivers some thought-provoking scenarios. In the genre of supernatural fiction, this series of books provides three thrilling stories that centre around love, loss, and hope. This collection includes:


GRIM IS THE NEW GREY- Could you resist death?Told in the first person, Jenna retells the story of when she first met the Grim Reaper, the man who was to capture her heart. Having no control over her emotions, she was taken under his spell, and by day she created art, and by night she was the property of her Reaper. However, with Jenna being in this life and Reaper in the next, this love story is destined to end in disaster. The question is, will they be torn by the hands of fate, or rejoice in an alternative life?


BLUE - Is there a gateway to Heaven? Laura has created a blue world which she calls 'heaven'. Her therapist believes she is creating a place to be close to her deceased husband, Frank. Laura believes her 'heaven' enables her to predict the future. As the story unfolds, she becomes more erratic believing that her therapist, Clair, is in danger and she has to protect her. This thrilling short story will have you on the edge of your seats wondering if Clair is in danger, or if Laura is as unhinged as she is believed to be.


THE SILVER TRAILThe Silver Trail is a unique tale of two people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening from two different perspectives. Jess is caught in a storm and is hit by a bolt of lightning and as she drifts in and out of life, she is drifting in and out of death. Adam is desperately trying to save her, but will she make it?The silver trail shows one woman's experience of death and its significance to the universe as her boyfriend shares his experience of her life in the same parallel situation. Told in varying present tense and third person, this extraordinary tale invites you to look into the deeper meanings of life and the universe, whilst enjoying a thought-provoking love story.


109 pages

10.16 x 0.71 x 15.24 cm



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