One thing that is for sure with red, is that people who are drawn to it are very much aware of themselves and their surroundings. They are passionate about their beliefs and put a lot of energy into things.


They can be stubborn and hold grudges be careful, they don’t let things slide easy and they remember EVERYTHING!


A great add on colour for kitchens as it makes food more enjoyable and it’s good for the bedroom... if you don’t want to sleep! 😉 Avoid using red if you need a calm environment because this is anything but calm.

10 Things about Red you Need to Know

1) Red is capable of creating growth so can be used to increase such things as blood pressure, fertility and can aid with conditions like anaemia by increasing the haemoglobin levels.

2) It's a bold colour that is packed with enthusiasm. Use it to increase passion into your life.

3) As a stimulant, red can help to overcome tiredness.

4) Red creates confidence, assertiveness and courage. The 'go to' colour for when you need to feel brave.

5) It is a wonderful colour to add to crockery and kitchen decor. Red gives the ambience of flavour and flair!

6) It's great to tighten all of the five natural senses- sound, taste, sight, touch and smell.

7) The best colour for determination and strength. Great competitive colour.

8) An all round action colour. Good for anyone in the armed forces  or sports industry.

9) Red is the srongest stimulant colour,  so if you require an extreme change, action or emotion, red is your colour!

10) If you are an activist, in marketing or are looking for a revolution, Red could be the colour you need for success.

Be more Red ...

I DARE you.


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