Philosophical and spiritual non-fiction writer

SARAH E WARING is a Non-Fiction writer that focuses on the philosophies of spirituality, nature and the practices of divination. She is a fun loving entrepreneur with a passion for animal welfare, veganism and social enterprise. Her goals are to create writing pieces that fit in any of these genres but also other life and death philosophies.Being a big fan of community theatre, Sarah has also written and produced two comedic stage plays based on Greek Mythology.


Sarah is a graduate in Community and Youth Studies and is currently studying a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy. For 15 years, Sarah has worked in developing Young people, Communities and Enterprise in the East Midlands- England. Alongside this, she has worked as a professional tarot reader, colour reader and intuitive coach. Since 2013, Sarah has spent her time writing books, and developing an online shop called 'Dream With Colour' and is currently qualifying as a colour therapist.

Sarah also writes supernatural fiction under the pseudonym of Aubrey Fox, and romantic comedy under the pseudonym of Lucy Shakespeare. 

As a creative writer, Sarah likes to challenge herself to write in different genres and narration styles which she finds both enjoyable and rewarding.​ 

Sarah's books below:

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