When I met Sir Issac Newton ... (Date Sept 2019)

It's true! It was fate that bought me to his doorstep and as I stood there all hot and flustered, blushing

in his presence, I realised that I had an apple on the head moment, figuratively speaking. I realised I had

misplaced my philosophical intentions of colour.


Let me explain.

I have spent the last few days around the Lincolnshire coast, bobbing from the popular resorts of Skegness, Ingoldmells, Chapel St Leonards (If you say that in a French accent it sounds very posh- but maybe that’s just my idiocy creeping in), finishing in Cleethorpes.

Although the east coast is lovely and familiar to its ever-loyal tourist- I have been here EVERY year since I was born, and trust me, that was a loooong time ago- it gets a little repetitive, so to change it up, we went a little inland.


After visiting a charming little watermill in Claythorpe and its army of quirky farm animals (including a slightly bossy rooster) we headed to Alford to a quaint Manor House which had some impressive agricultural gardens. On our final day, we decided to find the half-way point and head to the nearest National Trust attraction...and this is where I bumped into Isaac and had the apple on the head moment. Again, figuratively speaking.


'In case you are not aware, I am training in colour therapy, currently, but have been colour coaching for some time. Since being a child, I have been fascinated with colour and how it makes me feel. I know...strange kid. I am also studying philosophy so I am starting to philosophise on EVERYTHING- You have been warned!'


The National Trust place we stumbled across was Woolsthorpe Manor, the place where Sir Isaac Newton lived and discovered gravity in a eureka moment when an apple dropped and smacked him on the head. On the grounds, we discovered a science centre and 'the light workshop'.....and also the said apple tree referenced throughout history as a great eureka moment for science.


Lately, I have felt like I am missing something in my studies and yesterday, in a weird twist of fate, I ended up at Woolsthorpe Manor. I learned about how Isaac set up prisms to capture colour, how he drew charts on the wall to gain an understanding of light, and how he tested theories that both failed and succeeded. I also became to understand what an exceptional scientist he was. I messed about at science in school, only really participating in the design of ‘stink bombs’ but as the years have passed, I wish I would have learned more...as you do!

So, like Sir Isaac Newton, I had a eureka moment when I realised I was using my own narrow-minded view of the study, and my curriculum, to determine what I learn.


My intention to understand colour was limited because I was overlooking the whole picture behind it, relying more on my current understanding of colour, leaving me with a conclusion that once we think we know everything it limits not only our knowledge but our understanding of the subject.


What I was missing was the fundamentals of colour. Not just its origins, philosophy, or the basic principles...but where it started, how it has been used in science, its values, the history and the evolution of it over time, and I want to explore this more.


My colour intention has just got a whole new perspective and it just goes to show that we should not limit ourselves to what we know.

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